Preventive Health

Stay on top of any medical issues as they arise.

Having a local, family doctor and being able to see the same doctor regularly for your health concerns is part of ensuring you remain healthy.

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Preventive Health

Preventative health plays a huge role in the early detection and prevention of medical conditions and serious disease. Part of our core offering of providing our community with the option for longer consults and seeing a regular doctor is to ensure we offer our patients continuity of care throughout every stage of their life.

Depending on your age group and your gender, there are many tests that we can take you through to determine your risk of certain illnesses as well as monitor health concerns that may be in your family history.

Preventative measures and tests we can conduct include breast screening, cervical screening, skin checks, bone health, bowel screening, cardiovascular screening, stroke, diabetes, blood pressure and pathology tests.

We recommend most patients have a preventative health check with their doctor annually.