Pregnancy Care

There’s nothing we love more than caring for you and your family.

One of the most important times to focus on your health is during pregnancy. Building a relationship with your regular GP has many benefits as we care for you and your children from early pregnancy, right through to your baby’s first check-up and as your child grows up.

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Pregnancy Care

From working with you to develop a preconception plan, to monitoring your health and the health of your baby during pregnancy, our services extend throughout your journey, and don’t stop once your baby is born.

We are passionate about providing expert medical care to all who seek it, and many of our doctors have done additional training to ensure they can provide ‘shared care’ during your pregnancy. This service is available for patients who will deliver their baby at their local public hospital, and means that you will see your regular GP throughout your pregnancy so we can monitor your health and your baby’s health closely.

We can assist with your pregnancy:

  • Preconception care
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Genetic counselling
  • Regular check-ups throughout your pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding advice 
  • Mental health during pregnancy
  • Post-natal care
  • Care for your newborn
  • The majority of our GPs also have extra training in shared care (pregnancy care).

Our team fosters strong relationships with  local obstetricians and can talk you through all your options for childbirth.

We love helping local mums have the best pregnancy experience possible, and we can’t wait to look after your child once they are born as well. 

To discuss the best options for you during your pregnancy journey, make an appointment with one of our experienced doctors.